Spring 2013: Study Abroad Travel Grant Proposals

Thailand and Cambodia: Short Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Grant Application
This faculty grant will support a study abroad experience for ISU students to travel to the countries of Thailand and Cambodia during May 2013 for a course on the mental and public health aspects of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a significant global problem, and it is noteworthy that currently there are no courses offered in the United States on this topic that have a focus on mental health, making this course unique.

Specifically, the course will offer students the opportunity to learn about the impact of human trafficking from both a public and a clinical health perspective. Students will also be able to explore other aspects of Thailand and Cambodia (including economic, political, and cultural aspects) as well as have the opportunity to interact with the people of both countries.

Guatemala: Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Grant Application

This proposed project will support a cross cultural-experience for ISU students in Guatemala while allowing them to receive credit for a 2010 Foundational Studies Upper-Division Integrative Elective requirement. The course will be offered in the spring of 2013 and will consist of a cross cultural experience as well as classes related to social welfare services in Guatemala. The cross-cultural experience will consist of travel to the urban area of Guatemala City and the opportunity to live with Guatemalan families in the rural community of El Triunfo, Guatemala.

This course is designed for Indiana State University students interested in learning more about family and child welfare issues from an international perspective, including how health care and social welfare services are delivered in a country outside of the United States. Specifically, students will be able to learn more about Guatemalan culture, history, demographics, as well as the legal system, social welfare institutions, the health care system, and preventative services in the country. The relationship between physical, emotional, and social health are also addressed in this course.

In addition to allowing students the opportunity to interact with another culture, the project will also allow students to complete a community service project in an international setting. Furthermore, the project provides a link between Indiana State University and the University of San Carlos de Guatemala that will allow both students and faculty to learn how social work is taught and practiced in a country outside the United States, which will strengthen the Department of Social Work’s international curriculum.  

Brazil: Social Entrepreneurship MGT 475: 3 credit hours, Dr. Aruna Chandra: Study Abroad Grant Application
The course Social Entrepreneurship MGT 475 will include a proposed faculty led study abroad component consisting of two weeks in Brazil for visits and meetings with individuals who are engaged in advancing social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is aimed at creating change and innovation in the social sector, and a social business is defined as one that is cause-driven rather than one that is strictly profit-driven. In accordance with this goal, social businesses emphasize cost recovery and self-sustainability, and through their products, services, and business practices, they aim to achieve a double bottom line of both financial and social returns. In large emerging market countries, these types of businesses are providing solutions to challenges in education, the environment, and those related to poverty.

The course will focus on the organizational features of social businesses and allow students to visit and meet with the inspiring entrepreneurs who are the engines behind some of these ventures. A pre-travel component will consist of an orientation and introduction to social entrepreneurship as well as readings, discussions, and relevant videos and podcasts. The travel component to Brazil will include visits to and qualitative data collection from selected social businesses within the country. The post travel component will involve a reflection paper and a written project on one of the specific social businesses.

This course would be of interest to anyone who wishes to work for or become a business leader of an organization with a social mission. Further, those wishing to dedicate their entrepreneurial energy to building a mission driven non-profit or for-profit enterprise may also find this course appealing. Additionally, those who may want to contribute time and energy towards building the social sector through the application of innovative ideas or through social investing, corporate alliances with social sector organizations, or board representation in social ventures will also find this course valuable.

France and Germany: Tale of Two Cities: Pairs and Berlin, 1840-1933 GH 301C/LLL 350, spring 2013: Dr. Ann  Rider/Keri Yousif: Study Abroad Grant Application

This team taught course uses the study of Pairs and Berlin between 1840 and 1933 as a springboard for an interdisciplinary analysis of art, literature, film, the city, modernity, and Modernism. As a compliment to this course, a faculty-led study abroad trip is planned to Pairs, France, and Berlin, Germany (May 13- May 27, 2013).

The objectives of the trip are threefold: first, to give students the opportunity to put their studies in European history, culture, and art into practice; second, to provide students the possibility of having a short-term study abroad experience; and third, to provide a unique opportunity that will allow for greater discovery of and increase students’ awareness to other cultures. These objectives fulfill ISU’s larger goals of expanding study-abroad for ISU students and furthering the university’s emphasis on integrating experiential learning into curricula.

Italy: TAM 497 Special Topics: Study Abroad Grant Application

This proposed spring break study abroad experience will allow students to travel to Florence, Italy in order to learn more about three areas of the fashion industry: textiles, manufacturing, and retail. ISU has offered this experiential based learning experience for undergraduates and graduates for several years.  Additionally, there is a current academic affiliation with PALAZZI-Florence Association for International Education that allows students to receive transfer international credits from PALAZZI or ISU credits for enrolling in the TAM 497 Special Topics: Study Abroad course.

This program is one of the few international experiences that are specifically relevant for the Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising (TAM) program while also being relevant for students from other majors who may be fulfilling other career goals. Further, the city of Florence itself is becoming one of the prominent fashion centers in Italy and Europe more broadly, and this study abroad trip will allow students who obtain a major or minor in TAM the opportunity to explore and experience firsthand the European fashion industry from this unique venue.

This proposed trip contributes to the university’s strategic plans by increasing the number of unique choices students have to study abroad.  Additionally, during this time students will also meet with other TAM and ISU students who will be participating in a semester-long study abroad experience during the spring 2013 semester.

Morocco: Environmentally and Culturally Sustainable Local Economic Development in Morocco,
Led by Drs. Stephen Aldrich, Michael Chambers, and John Conant: Study Abroad Grant Application

For this proposed study abroad experience, Drs. Stephen Aldrich, Michael Chambers, and John Conant will lead a group of 10-12 ISU students to Morocco during May 2013 to examine environmentally and culturally sustainable local economic development in Morocco.  Students will enroll in either an ECON, ENVI, or PSCI course (the details are still being finalized) during Summer I and in doing so will have the opportunity to earn three credits. The trip will consist of multiple visits to sites in Morocco in order to learn more about a number of sustainable development projects in several of the country’s differing ecosystems.

Additionally, ISU will be partnering with Hassan II-Mohammed, an ISU strategic partner, and will be utilizing university housing for part of the time in Morocco. ISU students will have the opportunity to work directly with their classmates at Hassan II and will receive lectures from Hassan II faculty as well as presentations from Moroccan government, development, and environmental experts.

This project will directly meet the two criteria of strengthening the strategic links between ISU and its strategic partners, in this case Hassan II Mohammedia in Morocco, and of providing short-term faculty- led study abroad experiences for students. Further, this project will also indirectly address the two criteria of encouraging international students and faculty to come to ISU. 
France and Ireland: Study Abroad Grant Application
This proposal involves a study abroad trip to France that emphasizes both learning about French culture and the contributions Americans have made to the country. The trip was planned in response to surveys collected in spring 2012 from students focused in education that indicated that 55 percent of those polled preferred to travel to France. Another 30 percent preferred to travel to Italy and 10 percent preferred to travel to Ireland. In conjunction with a well-connected travel agent, three previous successful trips to Ireland have already taken place. The success of these trips has motivated this proposal, which offers students an option to study abroad in France.

The proposed trip to France is an integral part of a course that will support student learning of different education methods. Additionally, students will be able to connect their knowledge base to topics in history, geography, literature, the arts, and the culture of the host country. 

Specifically, this trip will allow students a unique opportunity to explore a historic country that is much older than any part of the United States. Further, prior to the trip the study abroad course will require students to read books for children by French authors, learn about life and culture in France, and recall the benefits provided to the country by important Americans who lived for a time in France, including Benjamin Franklin and Julia Child. Class time will also be devoted to reminding students of the sacrifices made by many Americans who served the United States during World War Two, stumbling across French beachheads, scrambling up French cliffs, and marching across French soil.

During the trip, ISU students will practice reflective journaling while they consider how to bring their newfound personal knowledge and knowledge of the world to bear on their future career as an educator. After completing the course, the requirements will showcase how each student’s personal journey was enhanced by the trip through exposure to another culture and study of other time periods.

Croatia: Corrections: An International Perspective (CRIM 416/516): Study Abroad Grant Application

This proposed course will be comprised of a study abroad component that will allow ISU students to travel to Croatia in order to focus on “correctional aspects” (both institutional and community-based corrections) of the criminal justice systems in several countries, including Croatia, the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and several other European countries. This course will be an integral part of the ongoing Exchange Program established in April 2005 between ISU and the University of Zagreb, Croatia. The program has been supported and promoted by the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at ISU, the CAS, and the university.

For this course, Dr. Sudipto Roy will take at least 15 ISU students (both undergraduate and graduate) to Croatia where they will study in Zagreb with Croatian students. The course will take place between May 20 and May 31, 2013, and it will be taught by Drs. Dalibor Dolezel, Neven Recias, and Tihana Novak of the University of Zagreb, as well as by Dr. Roy of ISU. During the two week period, arranged field trips will allow students to visit the Zagreb County jail, medium security prisons in the cities of Turopolij, Sisak, Gospic, and Zadar, and a maximum security prison in Lipoglava. Upon completing this course, students will understand and be able to compare the philosophical and pragmatic issues of correctional treatment in varied countries. Further, they will be able use the knowledge and experience gained to help deal with correctional aspects of the American criminal justice systems.

The objectives of this course synchronize with our department’s experiential learning objectives: to instill in students the value of research and the necessity of gaining new knowledge; to provide ISU students with knowledge about correctional treatments (in different countries) and the relationship of these phenomena to the larger society in which they exist; to develop critical thinking skills; and to prepare students to recognize and act on professional and ethical challenges that arise in the correctional aspects of the criminal justice system.

South Korea: Social Work Trip: Study Abroad Grant Application

This proposal involves creating a cross-cultural experience for five ISU students and one instructor to travel to South Korea between March 3rd and March 11th, 2013. The course will take place at Hanil University and students will be able to receive credit for a 2010 Foundational Studies Upper-Division Integrative Elective requirement that has been approved by the Office of General Education. Curriculum will focus on social welfare services in South Korea and students will visit social service agencies and have joint classes with Hanil University Social Welfare Work students. Additionally, during the visit students and faculty will stay at Hanil University and the university will provide food and housing at no cost.

This project addresses several strategic goals. First, it expands opportunities for ISU students to experience another culture; second, it creates a link between ISU and Hanil University (there is already a departmental agreement that the administration has approved with Hanil University); and third, the proposed project strengthens the Department of Social Work’s international curriculum.