This year, the Community School of the Arts is excited to offer 2 new series of courses that focus on Jazz. Our Jazz Appreciation Series will explore the history of jazz, the people that created it, and the various styles that make up this diverse genre of music. Our Jazz Improvisation Series is designed to bring community musicians together and explore strategies when approaching one of the most important themes found in jazz: improvisation. This course aims to expand the knowledge and ability of the participants, while offering them the opportunity to play with other local and regional jazz musicians. Participants of both series will be invited to attend and take part in various jazz events in the Terre Haute area.

Jazz Appreciation
Code: 13MS0028 (non-member)
Code: 13MS0029 (member) 
Dates & Time: February 3, February 24, March 24 and April 14
6:30 - 8:00 p.m. (4 Mondays) 
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Ages: All ages
Fee : Non-member/$75, member/$67.50 (registration required)
Drop in: $20 per workshop or class (registration not required)
Location: Fine Arts Building, Room 234, 649 Chestnut Street
Instructor: Tim Doyle

Throughout the history of music, few styles have had as great an impact as Jazz. This truly innovative genre of music is enjoyed by many generations from all walks of life. During the Jazz Appreciation series, we will explore the history of this rich and eclectic music, take a closer look at the various influences that have shaped it, and introduce some of the artists and musicians who have brought it to life. The course examines the various styles that comprise jazz and how they have evolved over its 100+ year history, from ragtime to bebop, big band and up through modern approaches. If you are a fan of this wonderful music or aspire to learn a little bit more about it, please join us as we listen, watch, and discuss all that is JAZZ! Students will have the opportunity to attend live jazz performances throughout the semester, free of charge.

February 3: Defining Jazz and Its Roots
February 24: 1930's - 1940's - Swing 
March 24: 1940's - 1950's - Bop, Cool, Hard Bop
April 14: 1960s - Today - Avant-Garde, Free, Fusion

Jazz Improvisation Series
Code: 13MS0030 (non-member)
Code: 13MS0031 (member)
Ages: 16 and up 
(Participants under the age of 16 may attend with permission from the CSA. Please contact the office for more details.)
Dates & Time: (8 Monday workshops)
February 10, February 17, March 3, March 17, March 31, April 7, April 21, April 28
6:30 - 8:00 p.m. 
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Fee: Non-member/$150, member/$135 (registration required)
Drop in: $20 per workshop or class (registration not required)
Location: Fine Arts Building, Room 409, 649 Chestnut Street
Course Facilitator: Tim Doyle
Guest Lecturers: John Spicknall, Eric Schatz, and more.

During these 8 workshops, participants will explore the techniques used in jazz improvisation. All instruments welcome. Participants are not required to have any prior experience with jazz, but it is encouraged that they be familiar with general musical terminology and proficient with their instruments. This is not an introductory class, but is designed to assist currently practicing musicians interested in approaching this specific genre of music. Themes and concepts that will be addressed include: scales and chord structure and usage; commonly used harmonic progressions; developing useful practice habits; and general strategies for improvising. Workshops are 90 minutes in length, and will feature lectures by local jazz musicians and educators. Participants may pay-as-they-go or receive a discount for purchase of the full series of 8 workshops. 

Complete Jazz Series Package
Code: 13MS0032 (non-member)
Code: 13MS0033 (member)
Ages: 16 and up
Dates & Time: see above
Fee for 12 classes including 4 jazz appreciation classes and 8 jazz workshops: 
Non-member/$200, member/$180 (registration required)
Location: see above
Instructor: Tim Doyle