ISU has been increasing the green space and creating a buffer around campus through the installation of small tree farms. ISU currently has nine tree farms that are maintained around campus, containing 1018 trees and spanning 18 acres. ISU is favoring native trees that include many oak species, service berry, white pine, American holly, black walnut, black cherry, maple, elm, sweet gum, shag bark hickory, bald cypress, and dogwood. 

In 2008, ISU eliminated chemical treatment from 80% of our turf areas, spending about 1/3 less on applying organic fertilizer 2-3 times a season.  The remaining 20% being chemically treated surrounds the athletic fields. As the soil strength builds,we anticipate being able to cut back on fertilization to every second or third year in less critical areas. 

In December 2008, ISU became a Tree Campus USA. Per Arbor Day Foundation guidelines, we have made a public commitment to spend $3/student annually on our trees, totaling $30,000.