Wind Turbine

Just before the 2012 winter break, a wind turbine was installed at the Sycamore Towers residence halls on ISU’s campus. From inception to completion, the wind turbine was a university-wide project with a strong focus on environmental science and applied conservation education. Over 400 students were involved with data collection to determine the best location for this turbine on campus (see the map below).  Undergraduate Science Education major Sabrina Brown conducted climatological research on Terre Haute wind speeds as they relate to wind production; she presented her research at a national conference and was invited to publish a paper on her work. Click here to see the official news story from SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibilities).

The wind turbine has a 4 kilowatt UGE vertical shaft and has been onli
ne since February 10th, 2013. The turbine's projected energy generation capacity is 6813 kilowatts of energy per year.

Wind turbine installations tend to take place in rural areas, where buildings don’t obstruct the wind eddies that power turbines. Since ISU’s landscape is predominantly urban, students collected information about wind speed and direction on campus to ensure the best possible placement.
Our turbine is vertical, in contrast to traditional three blade designs, to combat the effects of buildings obstructing wind speeds.