History & Mission

The ISU Community Garden began in 2008 with this mission: “The ISU Community Gardening Project provides gardening opportunities for the educational, social, and physical well-being of the community.” Its goals are to:

• Promote food security and awareness of hunger in the local community.
• Support education of children and adults regarding gardening, nutrition, and the environment.
• Improve access to health and nutritious food in the local community.
• Contribute to the beautification of the community.
• Provide a model of best gardening practices and demonstrate what community members can do in their own yards.
• Contribute to the environmental sustainability initiatives of the local community and ISU.

Since 2008, the garden has grown from ten to more than 150 plots. We’ve added a fully stocked equipment shed, area water spigots, plots for perennial gardening, and the Institute for Community Sustainability (ICS) Garden House with meeting and bathroom facilities and a library of gardening-related books and leaflets. A greenhouse was opened in 2015, allowing for early cultivation of seeds.

The garden receives administrative support from ISU’s Institute of Community Sustainability (ICS), and we’re proud to be a visible symbol of ICS’s commitment to sound environmental practices. ISU provides some financial support, but mostly we rely upon the gardeners themselves for day-to-day maintenance and governance. Both the garden and the ICS office are located at:

219 N. 11th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807
812 232 8502

The garden is 100% organic, open to the public, and pesticide-, herbicide-, insecticide-, and fungicide-free. It also is fee-free: there is no charge for plot rental, shed equipment, water, compost, or wood chips. Instead, gardeners are asked to:

• Contribute 10% of their yield to local food banks.
• Sign up for the equivalent of 5 hours of Garden Service per season.