Our Community Garden needs volunteer help almost year-round to continue providing fresh, affordable food to local people in our community. We're always happy to work with students, community members, and anyone else to help you meet volunteer hour requirements, or just get your hands dirty for a good cause.

I'd like to volunteer at the Garden. What should I do?
Contact Ivy (icoble@sycamores.indstate.edu), the Garden Coordinator. Please include the following information in your message as applicable:
  • Which times and days you are available to volunteer
  • The number of hours you need to complete
  • Your deadline for completing these hours
  • Information about any volunteer forms you need us to complete on your behalf, and/or contact information for professors who need confirmation of your volunteer hours
  • Information about any physical restrictions you may have as relevant to completing outdoor garden work
  • Number of other people accompanying you, if you are planning to volunteer as part of a group

Allow 2 business days to receive a reply from Ivy.

What should I bring when I come to volunteer?
  • Bring or wear clothes that you are comfortable exposing to mud, dirt, bugs, dust, etc. Boots or tennis shoes are recommended; no high heels or slippers.
  • Please dress appropriate to the weather; the temperature can fluctuate from cool to warm and back again very rapidly. Dressing in layers is highly recommended.
  • In most cases, light rain will not result in the cancellation of a volunteer day, so bring a rain jacket if inclement weather is expected. We may postpone the start time of a volunteer day for an hour or two to allow the worst of a storm to pass; Ivy will contact you promptly if this is the case.
  • If you have a medical condition requiring medication, please bring it with you as appropriate (no illegal drugs or drugs issued without a prescription are allowed on the garden premises). The Garden Coordinator is unable to administer medication to you. In the event of injury, we have an extensive First Aid kit available at the garden. Please be advised that gardening activities take place at your own risk.
Anything else?
  • There's always a lot to do at the garden, so come with a ready-to-work mindset and expect to dive right in. There are many vital projects each week that help the garden fulfill its mission, and we need every moment of help we can get!
  • Enjoy your time at the ISU Community Garden!